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Share screenshots in 3 simple steps:

01 Launch the application or extension and drag your mouse to grab the screen

02 The image is instantly uploaded and the URL is automatically copied to the clipboard

03 Paste and share the URL of the image on social networks, IM, blog and more application for your OS

Please, select your language and OS to download application

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You can install extension for Google Chrome in the Chrome Webstore

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How install and use

You have the choice to install an extension for Google Chrome, or download and install the application on your computer. In the first case, to make a screenshot or image capture, start carried out directly in your Google Chrome. In the second case, you can run the application from the taskbar operating system. The principal difference in this, so choose a more comfortable or familiar to you.

Go to Download, install and enjoy!

Capture and screenshots. How it works?

Find application on your PC, run it. You will see that the mouse cursor change. Select the area of the screen you want to capture and make the screenshot. Imagine a rectangle, hold down the left mouse button in the upper left corner of the screen and hold, bring the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner, then release. In the process, you will see that the allocated area will be slightly dimmed.

Done! Your browser opens the link with the result, URL is automatically copied to the clipboard.
Now you can share this link with friends and colleagues on Skype, social networks, blogs, etc.

Can I upload an image from PC?

Yes. This function available only in Extension for Google Chrome. Click on the ext icon at the right top browser panel. Then click on "Upload image from PC" button and select your image.

Where can I find my screenshots?

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